Chandrakot Master plan

Chandrakot is kot (armory) of one the king of Chaubisi rajya called Bhure raja.

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Preparation of Master plan of Several Places of Chandrakot Rural Municipality




Chandrakot Rural Municipality

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Eagles Solution

Completed Date

2075 Baishak

About this Project

Chandrakot is a rural municipality in Gulmi District. According to the people, Chandrakot is kot (armory) of one of the king of Chaubisi Rajya called Bhure raja. This municipal area covers beautiful and religious places like Timure Lake, Siddha Baba Dham, Dibrung Devi mandir, and Chandakot Mandir itself.

We conducted a detailed Topographic survey of  7 places, held several meetings with stakeholders of the specific place of interest and draft master plan.

Those 7 places are:

  1. Timure lake
  2. Dibrung Devi Mandir and Shivalaya
  3. Daha Lake
  4. Chandrakot Mandir
  5. Jharna
  6. Siddha Baba Dham
  7. Jhuleni Dada