Nepal Television Building

The ten storied Nepal Television Megastructure featuring one of its kind plus shaped Column.

Project Information

Project Name

Detailed Architecture and Engineering Design of Nepal Television Trade Main Branch


Bhadrakali, Kathmandu


Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Building)

Work With


Completed Date

2078 Asar

About this Project

The destruction caused due to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal is evident to everybody. The management of infrastructure comprises several types of events including maintenance, rehabilitation (replacement), modernization or the implementation of the new technology, retirement and demolition of old buildings. The process of rebuilding is in rapid progression and the old and vulnerable structures have a very good opportunity to rebuild from scratch. Keeping this in mind the Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Building) has given Hermes Engineering Solution a very wonderful opportunity for designing Nepal Television Trade Building located at Bhadrakali, Kathmandu with all required features for the commercial building.

Objectives of the Assignment

  • To conduct detailed site exploration and geotechnical investigation of the site.
  • To prepare Detailed Architectural/Engineering, Design Drawing of proposed NTV Building with working details.
  • To prepare detailed dismantling costs for the demolition of the existing building.
  • To prepare detailed quantity and cost estimates, Bill of Quantities (BoQ), and Specification.

About Nepal Television

Nepal Television with the slogan “Communication for Development” was established in 1985 (2041 BS) as a small project. NTV used VHS (Video Home System) video format in the beginning for Program Production and Broadcasting. It upgraded its video formats Umatic, Betacam, and DV as per the Upgradation in Video Recording Technology. After the upgrade, it adopted the Terrestrial Transmission System from 1985 to 2002. Then, NTV used Satellite (Intel Sat) for five years, and then NTV has been using Thaicom-5 since 2007.

Nepal Television has three sister channels, NTV PLUS, NTV News, and NTV Kohalpur, all owned by the Nepalese government. The network started broadcasting in HD on 31st January 2019. NTV started its second channel named NTV plus (then NTV Metro) in 2003 in the People’s Republic of China’s grant assistance. It started its Third Channel named NTV News in 2014 to broadcast only news contents. Nepal Television already has 19 relay stations for Terrestrial Transmission. It receives a signal via Satellite and rebroadcast using Terrestrial Transmitters for the local area. During the Gorkha earthquake, the infrastructures of Nepal Television, such as Trade Main Branch, located at Bhadrakali Plaza, Kathmandu was severely damaged, and hence there is a need for reconstruction of such essential infrastructures.