Rara Lake Cycle Track

The impeccable beauty of Rara Lake made more apparent and easily accessible from all directions with a cycle track around it.

Project Information

Project Name

Detailed Project Report (DPR) preparation for Tourism Master Plan of Rara Lake Cycle Track


Mugu, Karnali Province


Division Forest Office Mugu, Karnali Province, Nepal

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Completed Date

2078 Asar

About this Project

One of the prime tourist destinations, Rara Lake situated at a high altitude of 2900m, offers a large-scale contribution in promoting tourism. But due to complex topography, lack of infrastructure, and political instability, the extent of Rara’s tourism has not been exploited fully to date. Lack of basic infrastructure and facilities for local people and national and international tourists are other hindrances for its development. In such context, construction of a cycle track of about 14kms around the lake seems to be a recent prerequisite to promote tourism in this region. This project aims to attract a large number of tourists that will definitely increase employment opportunities and market development for local people. Such activities will ultimately promote to country’s economy. As the trek or bike ride is long-hour travel, it will offer relaxing and mesmerizing lake scenery on a cycle ride to all the tourists. On the other hand, cycles being eco-friendly will be a plus point regarding the environmental pollution issues.

Objectives of the Assignment

  • To conduct a detailed survey of the area selected for the Rara Lake cycle track.
  • To conduct preliminary hydrological study of lake and its proposed cycle track.
  • To design, estimation and costing of all the required structures and spaces like resting sheds and other requirements as per site condition and standard norms.
  • To prepare a clear construction plan, details of designs and drawings, estimation, and cost for each structure separately and in total.