Water and Energy

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Irrigation System Design

  • Planning and design of irrigation systems for agricultural areas.
  • Selection of appropriate irrigation methods (Canal or Lift Irrigation).
  • Water efficiency and distribution optimization.

Water Supply Services

  • Planning and design of water supply systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use.
  • Source identification and assessment.
  • Treatment plant design and distribution network planning

Hydropower Development

  • Feasibility studies for hydropower projects.
  • Site selection and assessment.
  • Hydroelectric plant design and layout.

Dam Design

  • Planning and design of dams for water storage and flood control.
  • Dam safety assessments and inspections.

River Basin Management

  • Comprehensive planning for the sustainable use of river basins.
  • Watershed management to control soil erosion and protect water quality.
  • Floodplain mapping and management.

Water Resources Modeling

  • Hydrological modeling to assess water availability and flow patterns.
  • Hydraulic modeling for river and floodplain management.
  • Water quality modeling

    Groundwater Management

    • Assessment of groundwater resources.
    • Design of groundwater extraction and recharge systems.
    • Monitoring and management of groundwater levels.

    Water Conservation and Management

    • Implementation of water conservation programs.
    • Design and plan rainwater harvesting systems.
    • Efficient use of water resources in agricultural and urban settings.