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Transportation Design In Nepal


Highway, Bridge, Buspark and Transport Planning

Urban Planning in Nepal

Urban Development

Building and Urban Planning

water resources Design In Nepal

Water and Energy

Irrigation, Water Supply and Hydropower

GIS Mapping In Nepal

GIS and Environment

Spatial Analysis, Big Data Analysis and Environment

Engineering Design


At Hermes, our services are flexible to meet your needs now and in the future. Our staff has expertise to solve any engineering problem quickly and accurately. We are providing quality Design service for Detail Project Report or Feasibility Study in the sector of Transportation, Urban Development, Water resources and GIS. 


 No project too big or too small for Hermes. We have been providing construction supervision services of the highest  quality to our clients who include donors, governments, semi-governments, and private enterprises

Our supervision service includes – Design Review, Procurement and contract Management,  cost and Time management scheduling, Quality assurance and control, Non Destructive Tests, Dispute resolution and claims analysis.    


Road Supervision

We’ve Been Building For Over 5 Years

The main field of activities of our firm is planning, feasibility studies, survey, design, supervision, and management of the projects within all fields of social, environmental, and physical engineering and related sciences.

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