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Public / Governmental Building

  • Architectural design for government offices, cultural centers, and community centers.
  • Accessibility planning to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Interior space planning for public use and functionality

Education Building

  • Educational facility planning and design.
  • Classroom layout and design for optimal learning environments.
  • Safety and security measures for schools

Hospital Building

  • Healthcare facility planning and design from Primary Birthing center to Provincial Hospital
  • Specialized design considerations for medical equipment and patient care.
  • Compliance with healthcare regulations and standards.

Commercial Building

  • Architectural and interior design for retail spaces, offices, and shopping centers.
  • Sustainability considerations in commercial building design.
  • Integration of modern technologies for commercial spaces.

Storage Warehouse Design

  • Planning and layout design for storage warehouses.
  • Optimization of storage space and logistics.
  • Structural design to support storage requirements.

Residential Building

  • Architectural design for residential buildings.
  • Custom home design and planning.
  • Multi-family housing and apartment building design.

Adaptive Reuse and Renovation

  • Redevelopment of existing buildings for new purposes.
  • Renovation and retrofitting for improved functionality and compliance.
  • Preservation of historical or culturally significant structures.

Interior Design

  • Interior space planning and design for all types of buildings.
  • Selection of finishes, furnishings, and lighting.
  • Creating aesthetically pleasing and functional interiors.

    Construction Management

    • Overseeing construction projects from initiation to completion.
    • Budgeting, scheduling, and quality control.
    • Collaboration with contractors and subcontractors.