Urban Planning

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Master Planning

  • Development of comprehensive long-term plans for urban areas.
  • Land use planning and zoning.
  • Infrastructure planning, including transportation and utilities.
  • Population projections and growth analysis.
  • Environmental considerations and sustainability planning.

Urban Design

  • Detailed design of urban spaces, including streetscapes and public spaces.
  • Architectural and landscape design to enhance aesthetics.
  • Integration of green spaces and recreational areas.
  • Consideration of pedestrian and cyclist-friendly designs.

Land Use Planning

  • Allocation and designation of land for various purposes (residential, commercial, industrial, recreational).
  • Density planning and mixed-use development strategies.
  • Balancing economic development with environmental conservation.

Infrastructure Planning

  • Comprehensive planning for essential urban infrastructure.
  • Transportation infrastructure planning,
  • Utility planning for water supply, sewage, and stormwater management.
  • Integration of smart city technologies.

Tourism Development

  • Identification and assessment of potential tourism sites
  • Comprehensive analysis of the tourism potential and opportunities
  • Designing a Tourism Master Plan for sustainable development and management

Agricultural Development


  • Analyze present agricultural situation and future trends
  • Suggest locations of different kind of agricultural marketing infrastructure
  • suggest other appropriate support measures for the improvement of agricultural marketing systems

Smart City Planning

  • Harnessing cutting-edge technologies to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of urban living.
  • Integration of digital solutions for intelligent infrastructure, transportation, and public services.
  • Designing smart and interconnected systems to improve overall urban functionality.
  • Utilizing data-driven insights for informed decision-making in urban development.
  • Creating innovative and resilient urban environments through the strategic implementation of smart city technologies.

Rural Cluster Development

  • Planning and design for the consolidation of scattered residences into a centralized village or hamlet.
  • Infrastructure development for the new clustered community.
  • Sustainable and community-centric design for rural cluster living.
  • Environmental impact assessment and mitigation strategies for the relocation